What We Do

We gather every Sundays, 10am, at Bishan Active Park, where we will do sword sparring. Different people may specialize in different styles of swordsmanship, and we all learn and share our knowledge with each other.

Free To Join

We are a non-profit club, hence it is 100% free to join in!

We use realistically constructed padded swords & weapons for sparring, along with protective gloves and helmets. We can lend you ours for free, and you may choose to purchase your own later on.

Making Friends

By learning and sharing with each other, we seek to create a cohesive & friendly environment where we make new friends through swordsmanship & martial arts.

Feature Video

Different martial arts or swordsmanship styles may have different ways of doing things. We believe that sparring is the neutral "proving ground" to test whether your technique works, not just against people from the same school as you, but also against others as well.

In Historical Combat Association, you can see different swords crossing all the time:

  • European 2-handed Longsword versus Japanese Katana
  • Chinese Jian versus Rapier
  • Spear versus Sword-and-Shield
  • etc...

If you're ready to pick up a sword, learn some new skills and make new friends, contact us!

Ready To Pick Up A Sword?

Contact us to join in the action today.
It's free, and we have sufficient gears to lend you first.